Zine me online?

Once I started getting into zine making, I noticed something. I started to pick up my phone less during class. Instead of picking up the phone, I would pick up a tube of glue or scissors to continue the “zining” process. I guess, in a way, this project helped me get back in touch with the real world and get my hands dirty, while making a piece of literature. It’s a pretty fudoodling cool thing to make things with my hands. I’ve been so used to typing things online, like this blogpost actually, that I’ve forgotten that typing isn’t the only option to making literature and getting it out there. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with typing, but physically making pieces of literature isn’t something that I have done since the third grade. Along with making the zines, it makes me realize that I, indeed, miss those times where we’d get our glue and scissors out to make something special. Zines are pretty cool. I definitely think that people should get into them because it’s a combination of a personal diary and a magazine. It definitely adds to the creativity of a person.


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