Why are we wasting food?

America has a big problem. We are wasting too much food. Ironic. America is a country that seems to idolize food. Our instagram posts tells us all about that. Whenever we go out, we almost have to take pictures, if not, we feel incomplete. Milk. I hate the stuff. However, what truly disgusts me is how we treat it. The expiration dates on the jug mean nothing. Different state laws dictate how long milk could be sold for. It is not based on science and is a purely arbitrary number. In turn, expiration dates and sell by dates cause consumers to cast out perfectly good milk in fears of drinking past its prime. This also causes store to throw milk out by the cargo box. This precious, life-giving milk, could’ve been sent to shelters or families that really needed it. This is one of the reasons why a large part of America is in poverty. And it is not just milk. Almost every other food item goes through this treatment. Is this really how we should be treating the food that we’ve taken for granted? Is this how we are going to help families in need? We need to change our ways immediately if we want a better America.


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