Zine it

What is a zine? Zines are pieces of information that can be created in the form of scraps, printed out photocopies, and essentially whatever you’d like. it is a way of spreading information through the eyes of its creatot. It is a sort of literary freedom that people of my age haven’t been exposed to yet. In the article, “I read zines to escape surveillance and clickbait. It’s the new teen rebellion”, zines are an escape from the world of today. The world of today is anything, but private. Phones can be hacked, our media is heavily influenced by “higher ups” and sex. We have lost touch with what we see and hear. My generation is one that accepts what everyone else tells them. We don’t seek out information for ourselves because we are stuck on the belief that there’s always someone else that could do it. We need to get back to reality and understand that we have a duty as students to filter out other influences and get to the core information. And, I think zines could help with that.


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