Let there be light

And on the third hour of  the AP chemistry lab, let there be light. For the first time in forever, we finished before dark. It was a miracle, a miracle in the biblical sense to AP chem students. As soon as the students poured out of the class, everyone stopped dead in their tracks to admire the setting sun. Light. The sun in all its glory. What is this absurdity? Our sensitive eyes squinted at the overbearing force of the light. Pink, orange, and blue. Cotton candy. Most of the students weren’t sure how to react to this. We were so used to leaving our labs at eight or sometimes even nine. The world didn’t look the same at this very moment. It had become something of hope and happiness, rather than the dreary confines of authority. It’s in these moments that I love nature. Nature is so beautiful, and yet we never notice because we’d rather stay inside than take a walk. The wind was warm, unlike other times, and even comforting. The trees that give us air to breathe seemed to glow golden as we walked to the parking lot. The flowers swayed in an ocean of different shades of magenta. Life was good. Life was perfect. This day was one I’d never forget. I never thought I’d have so much joy in AP chemistry.

photo by Tammy Tran


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