An unpresidented mistake

Spelling is not everyone’s strong suit. But when you’re the president of America for the next four years, it definitely matters. It shows sophistication and competency in the very least. Mr. Trump name is one that every twitter user is familiar with, if not the world, due to the controversial 2016 election. Adding his presidency on top of being a reality tv star, only allows people to magnify his mistakes. He doesn’t get a fresh start as a president because people have already seen how he is like through his shows.

So when Mr. Trump tweeted, ” I am honered [sic] to serve you, the great American people, as your 45th President of the United States! “, he received immediate backlash. With a president who can hardly use spell check, how would we be able to deal with big issues such as ISIS or increasing the amount of American jobs? As seen in the article, one typo could ruin a whole career like Lynn Johnston.

I think that ,still, he is human. Although, I was against his presidential candidacy as a whole. I have to accept that he is indeed our president for the next four years. We can’t base our judgement of him based on a few tweets. These examples may be one out of a thousand tweets that the president sends out. One good thing is that it seems like he is one controlling his twitter account. Every tweet he send seems raw(literally) and untouched by his presidential editors or PR manager. In a way, this could be good because he would be able to connect with the American people without the extensive filtering that usually comes with being the 45th president. Either way, we should give him a chance. If he is unable to rise up to the challenge, then we can call for a different person.


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