This past semester, regularly doing blog posts has opened my eyes to the world of writing and how fun it can be. However, I do realize that I need to stray away from my comfort zones to improve as a writer. This year, I noticed that I tended to write about things that happened around school. I guess I found school more interesting than my home life sometimes. Many of these blog posts fell under the “unite” category or the “investigate” category. I think this was mainly because these two topics were the easiest for me to come up with thoughts and ideas for. I guess one could say that it is my comfort zone. Also, the world is such a weird place. There is never a stop to the investigation of life. I think the most intriguing blog post for me so far has been on the Crucible. The way that Abigail’s action could be justified as human nature makes me question humanity itself and the world that we’ve built. It also leads me to compare the values of the time compared to ours and makes me realize how far we’ve come. Of all the blog posts so far, I think that could be the one that I’ll think about for the rest of the year.


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