Let’s Get Specific

It’s all in the details. Seriously. Details are what make or break a book and any other works of literature and language. It isn’t enough for us, as readers, to have abstract ideas and feelings, we have to be able to mentally place ourselves into the work we are reading. We have to be able to feel the sensations that the reader felt. See what they see. Smell the air surrounding them. Essentially, we’re asking for is a mental movie. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being abstract or giving a broad idea of a subject, but details add so much depth to story. It can make it more convincing and sway the reader towards the author’s ideals and opinions. As an avid reader of all books alike, I tend to have a mental check list when determining whether or not a book is worth the read or not. First, comes the grammar. Then, the story line. Is it cliche? Does it grab my attention or at least spark my interest? Finally and most importantly, the details. Am I able to describe the characters as if I’ve known them for years. Am I able to read about an scene and think “That’s such a Tony thing” or “Aubrey would never do that”? A story without details is nothing. A mere outline.

There is nothing better than a story that makes you feel like a part of the action. With these details, I love how a good book can help you escape reality. For some, the life that the book characters lead is better than their one. It’s like a healthy high that never ends because there’s always another book. An escape from the terrifying world that we live in. Books serve a noble cause. They deserve to be loved and I ,for one, truly love and appreciate them.


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