For this week, we learned about the importance of play. Now what is play? According to the TED talk we listened to, it’s a time of learning how to socialize and deal with problems WITHOUT parent supervision. So why is the lack of parent supervision necessary? Well, nowadays parents tend to swaddle their children, protecting them from every harm in this cruel world. Playing without parent supervision allows children to learn skills that they can bring into adulthood. I, for one, am one of those over protected children. I don’t hate my parents for it (no way in hell could I hate my parents at any given time or situation), but I wish they let me experience the world more. If they did, I wouldn’t be scared as I am to go outside alone or cross the street or even talk to other kids my age at  theme park or so. Of course, I’m slowly learning to be more independent and getting over my fears as of right now.

What I want to know is when did we stop letting children play? If all scientific studies show that play has been a thing since the stone age, why do we stop our children from participating in a natural thing? Even animals do it. Imagine a world where children can play and think freely. I think in that world we would see less depression and more creativity and independence. So, let’s make play a crucial part of development in schools. we should have special times designated for play with only one supervisor for emergency purposes.



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