Being in the Muddle Class

In class, we read about how one author discovered how blessed she was, although she previously believed that she wasn’t as well off as some of her friends. This author, Lucinda Rosenfield, became disillusioned after seeing how her parents’ career choice weren’t bound by economical struggles or necessity. In a way, this relates to myself because I’ve never understood how much I had until I saw people who were struggling to make ends meet. My parents don’t have six figure salaries, but we make enough to afford things like iPads or a new phone without sacrificing a month of rent or two. However, occasionally, I see them worry about how the future looks like or whether or not they will be able to afford my college tuition. I also  remember reading Nickel and Dimed at the beginning of the year, and saw how it took multiple part time jobs for one woman to hold down a crusty apartment in the slums of the city. Her definition of middle class was far different from what I would say it is or Lucinda. With this, I wonder. What is the “middle class”? The middle class. It’s all relative isn’t it? So would a middle class for rich people just be “new money or self made people”? Moving along with this, that means that there would be many sub levels for each class. Would there? How would this change? How different was the 1900s middle class from today’s?


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