Baby on Board

Ok guys. This is not my baby, you guys can take a breath and sit down. However, I’ve known this baby since birth and I literally mean since birth. I’ve watched her go through her developmental stages and in a way I feel as if I have a responsibility towards her. During the short time that she’s been alive so far, she’s helped me realize some things. Life is short. Sometimes, there are things that she does that make me wish she would just stay like this forever. It goes by so fast that I don’t even realize she’s growing up and evolving. Babies are basically pokemon. I’m just kidding. I know she’ll become a rebellious teenager one day. Another thing is that there’s always someone who depends on you. She’s still very young and needs someone to make sure she gets her meals on time and her diapers are clean( probably the most tasking part). As one of the older kids of my family, I have to uphold certain standards to be a good role model and semi-parental figure. Lastly, she’s taught me how to be unconditionally caring. I do have a younger brother, Nathan. He actually goes to the same high school I’m going to right now, but that’s irrelevant right now. There have been so many times where I wanted to smack the stupid off my brother(because that’s how most sisters feel) , but I know I will always be there for him. Same goes for this baby. No matter what she does, I will follow her and watch over her in the best way possible. One day, when she’s older, I will properly thank her for teaching me this and more. For now, I will happily watch her grow and make her way into this world.


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