Oh the Horror

Most people would cringe when I tell them some of my favorite movies. Why? Well, because they are horror movies and definitely not for the squeamish. It all started when I was just a seventh grader. I watched The Ring with my cousin, Henry, and I was amazed at how special effects could totally transform an actor or actress. From there, my love of this genre blossomed. I ended up watching almost all of the horror movies I could get my hands on. It got to the point where my mom was kind of concerned, but she relaxed after I didn’t act out any of the scenes or mirror their actions. I think horror movies play on the most basic fear of humanity, fear of the unknown, which makes it so interesting. People should open their minds more when they watch because the directors and team put so much effort into every frame that they shoot. Horror movies are not for everyone. I understand, but it’s definitely worth a go.


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