North Dakota Pipeline

The story of the North Dakota Pipeline is one that has been repeated in numerous place in American history. A part of America’s shame, the “Trail of Tears” had Indians move to Oklahoma after giving up lands east of the Mississippi river. The government forcing natives to move from their sacred land has been the subject of popular debate recently. My view on this is that, the natives should be able to keep their land. Government has already taken much of their ancestor’s land, so why should they give up their land. For natives, land is a part of life and religion. They believe that there are spirits in everything. Based on the right to practice religion, shouldn’t they be able to keep their land to practice their religion? Also, the North Dakota Pipeline, from my understanding, is for commercial purposes of a fortune 500 company. Is it really necessary to do this? I don’t like the taking of land based on profit. Haven’t they suffered enough?


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