It’s the Lack of Sleep Talking

These past week I’ve had an average of two hours of sleep per night. This sounds crazy because it is. However, this is the norm for some of the students here at our very own Fountain Valley High School. It has even become a running joke that sleep is just a “social construct” and that one doesn’t truly need it(Andy Dinh-2016). What is the cause for this lack of sleep? Well, most students would point out the excessive amount of homework being assigned as the main factor. Others would say that a lack of good time management is the true reason for this. Should the school do something about this? How about the students that actually suffer? Is there a way to compromise on this? I think what we can do is to have teachers and students meet up to see how much homework is appropriate for one night. Also, teachers may talk to each other to see how much homework the other is assigning so that they can balance each other out.


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