Family Interview

Recently, we’ve been assigned to do some family interviews and to listen to some from other classmates as well. What I didn’t expect was the amount of wisdom one can pack into a 10 minute interview. There was one interview where I could relate to the most. The interviewee was a college student who was asked to look back on their high school career. At first, I thought it was just a little kid because of the sound of their voice. They said that high school was the point where one learns important life skills through trial and error. The interviewee also mentioned how important time management was for them and now I understand why it was important, as a junior myself. They also mentioned how ,although its seems like hell at the moment, high school was actually the best part of my life. I could only wonder if this will be my exact thoughts when I leave Fountain Valley High School. The interviewer was able to help the interviewee connect their ideas and was patient in receiving answers. It struck me how important it was to actually listen to the other person instead of moving on to the next question. Overall, having the ability to listen in on this interview allowed to me to reflect on myself and find advice in places I didn’t think I could.


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