Arts and Witch Crafting?

There are some parallels of the Salem Witch Trials to the real world and past events in history. The Salem witch trials led to the mass accusation of people being witches based on almost stupefying “evidence. In The Crucible, one person was condemned as a witch or a more accurate term, warlock, simply because a fire happened to grow greater when they arrived on the scene. The fear of Satan being present triggered the entire village to believe a group of girls and that whoever they condemned were servants of the devil. I remember from AP Euro, last year, that we learned of another case where widespread fear caused people to go and make something out of nothing. The Great Fear during the French revolution caused peasants and farmers to create militias after they heard that the nobles were planning to take everything away from them. This led to enter the homes of the aristocrat and destroy everything. Some even killed the aristocrats out of fear for their own livelihoods. It was only after mass destruction that they realized that the aristocrats were never going to do anything to them from the start. In both cases, people only realized that they enacted only based on assumptions and the people that they hurt were innocent. The underlying lesson is that fear is a powerful thing that can cause people to do the illogical.


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