To strike a common CHORD

All my life I have been surrounded by people who play instruments such as the viola,violin,guitar, and the most common, piano. As an Asian kid, who grew up in Garden Grove, I have always been pressured to play some type of instrument to plump up my resume when I got older. I have never been one to say that falling into social pressure is right, but I truly regret not learning an instrument from a young age.

It’s such an odd thing to say. I’ve always been just peachy with going without it. So, why now? I think it’s because only this year, junior year, the most stressful of all, have I finally seen the solace and comfort the art of playing an instrument can bring a person. A person could carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, but as soon as they pick up their guitar or violin, it all just melts away. I want this for myself too. Even though sixteen is a bit late to start learning an instrument, my goal is to be able to proficiently play the guitar by the time I graduate high school. Small baby steps is what I’m going for. Maybe after the guitar, I could pick up the violin as well.


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