To Converse with the Grapes

Honestly, when I first read this poem, I was like “What the fudoodle does this mean?”.I also thought, “Why does Zierbarth want us to react to this?”  However, the fog of confusion I had began to clear up as I kept repeating the poem and looking at from a metaphorical standpoint. I guess what the poem is trying to tell us is that we must be able to understand the background and thought process of other people to be able to communicate or get through to them. Rewriting books, wearing the mask of the greats, and even talking with a clock represents this idea. From this, I want to ask, will seeing things through a different point of view will always help? Why can’t other person see from our point of view as well. Will this conversations always be arguments? Or will they end in a deeper understanding of each other?


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