Oh Chemisery

There is a reason why I put this in the “despise” and the “delight” section. I have a love hate relationship with AP Chemistry. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not the worst class on the entire planet, but it’s pretty close. I’m kidding. However, one of the reasons why I don’t like it is because it is the main reason for my astounding lack of sleep during a school week. It takes so much work and can be incredibly difficult to understand for most people, who are not at the genius level of intelligence. Also, tests can be extremely unforgiving for the person who tends to understand concepts more so than formulas, such as I. In all this, there is also a good side to AP Chemistry. The classes are usually filled with a lot of interesting people(side note: most people will discover that the higher up in class level you go, the weirder the people get). Every exam brings people closer together and help them form bonds as strong as a covalent bond. The labs are fun, since these are one of the few moments in school with the staff trust us with potentially dangerous chemicals and you’re actually treated like an adult. One of the most rewarding things in this class is seeing how your effort and determination directly corresponds to the amount of improvement you see in your exams and studies. Overall, as a class, I would recommend it to other students. But, it is best to remember that AP Chemistry is one coin with two very different sides.


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