Got a Punny bone?

This past year, all that I’ve heard from my friends were phrases such as “godammit Tammy” or “why are you doing this to me?”. Why is this? It is because of my puns. Yes. My puns. I don’t understand why people hate puns so much. Puns are fun. Puns require quite a bit of thinking in order to make an effective one. Puns could be anything from words that sound alike to an exploration of different meanings of a certain word. So, why do people hate it so much? Did people always have a deep hatred for puns? When did that start? When did puns start appearing in the everyday use of language? I don’t know. I want to find the person who first started this and give them a hug. Because, puns give me life. They take the pain away from doing strenuous homework in my AP classes. Puns are wonderful. They are everything ,but “extra” or “cancer” or whatever people my age these days.


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