Falling from Grace

“The catch is that a president cannot persuasively make that argument — it would be perceived as self-serving and little more. Only the loser can make the case that we must remain committed to the American ideal of deliberative democracy.”- Mickey Edwards

In class, we read out loud an argumentative essay by ,Mickey Edwards, that stated how this nation needed a graceful loser to glue this nation back together. Now I, being an incredible procrastinator, didn’t write this until after the election. However, when I finally had the chance to see Hillary’s concession speech, I understood what the author meant.

When Hillary begins her speech, she starts with an apology to those who put their hopes, dreams, and effort into her candidacy. I understood it as her way of quelling the feelings of anger and disappointment that may lead to more radical things, such as riots or even “Calexit”. Unlike during the presidential debates, she painted him as man worth giving a chance to. It seemed like she was a totally different person from when she first started this campaign. Closer to the midpoint of her speech, she emphasized how we as  nation must stay strong together , as one. As Mickey Edwards said, “A return to post-election normality isn’t impossible” and Hillary Clinton was trying to calm people down and bring back that normality. She was the graceful loser. Even the way she spoke sounded so eloquent and presidential.

Of course, it must sting for the strong supporters of Hillary Clinton, but we must carry on. We must continue as a democracy and the beacon of freedom for other nations to aspire to be. Whether it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, we will be one nation.



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