Suicide Squash

My cousin, who shall not be named, is an on and off bully (in a playful way). Every year, he always manages to pull some kind of prank right under the noses of all the wary adults. Last year, it was the most surprising. Why was it surprising? He didn’t do anything. For the entire year leading up to Christmas, he did absolutely nothing. Of course, this led to a lot of confusion and even worry for my cousin. But, he waved it off and told us to expect something fun on Christmas. On the day of Christmas eve, he hauled this big red sack of weirdly shaped objects under the Christmas tree. No one had a clue what the objects were. At the stroke of midnight, everyone gathered around to open presents that my cousin gave them. There was a lot of nervousness, almost like someone cutting wires on an explosive. When everyone opened it, there was a mix of relief and utter confusion…..He gave us each a butternut squash.

Coming from an Asian family, most of us have never seen a squash, let alone cook it. I was the only one who found it quite funny. It took a lot of genius to find a prank where people can’t yell at him for.  Almost immediately, people began to push their squash onto other people, refusing to accept it. There was a chaos that had never before been seen in this house, until the day of the introduction of the squash. Most people would find it ridiculous that all this was caused by a simple squash.  His “prank” this year was effective yet harmless(unless you throw the squash at someone), the best kind of prank.



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