Pokemon GOne

This past year, Pokemon GO has been a worldwide phenomenon that had everyone addicted. However, now that November has arrived, where have all the Pokemon trainers gone? The parks aren’t filled with them as they used to be and barely anyone speaks a word of it anymore. Do people lose interest that fast? The Pokemon games for Nintendo are still going strong. So can’t the Pokemon GO game last as long as the one for Nintendo? I think this may be because the app is more of a novelty than a game. Most people play just to get in on the action or just get the experience and then leave. There are no real objectives in the app, other than catching Pokemon. There is no international interface where other people could chat or form teams to complete missions like the Nintendo games.So, the question is this. Can Pokemon GO make a comeback? What about other games that will follow in its footsteps in terms of making a game that includes the real world. How will it compete in a industry that is moving on to virtual reality?


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