Pie face

This past weekend, I finally was able to watch one of the few movies that I never got around to, The Help. Based on some previous knowledge and reading on Rotten Tomatoes, I already expected that the movie would include a lot of racism relevant to the time period of the movie. However, when I watched the movie, I still was stupefied by the mindset of the people back then.  They saw Blacks as uneducated second class citizens that had dangerous diseases unlike the clean white folk. One character in the movie even created a bill where people had to build separate bathrooms for their black maids to avoid “disease”. What shocks me even more so is when I realize that some of these ideas still live on today. In the election, we see the use of racism to undermine immigrants and create justification to block them from seeking refuge in the United States. People don’t deserve to be treated this way. They shouldn’t be treated this way. As Americans, I feel like its our duty to help others in need and when their own individual freedom is being stepped on.


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