I hate this. And yet, why do I always do this to myself. I know I could’ve done it earlier. So why is it that I always wait until the last minute? The thrill of turning things in 1 minute before it’s due isn’t enough to be my reason for this. I know. It must be because of how I’m so used to school being easy. Back in middle school and elementary, I never tried yet I still always received A’s. I guess I brought this habit along with me as I transferred from school to school as I grew up. High school is not the same as the previous schools. It demands a lot from a student with multiple responsibilities. It’s a new challenge everyday, where I’ll have days where I conquer and other where I get completely destroyed. Procrastination isn’t really weapon I can use to win the war against high school. It’s one of my biggest obstacles and has become a repeating pattern throughout my life so far. I don’t know how to beat this addiction to procrastination now, but I will get through it by slowly weaning off of it like how people have to wean themselves from their addiction to cigarettes. Procrastination is my cigarette.


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