Early Bird gets less time for school?

Today in class, we read an article from Baron Banner regarding whether or not we should start school at a later time. Many good points were given from the students that also influenced my answer to that question. By the end of class, I was leaning towards keeping the school schedule as it is now.

To think of it, for most of our lives, students have been trained to wake up at seven and be at school by eight. If we were to abruptly change this, this would ruin the sleep schedule that our bodies have to been used to adhering to for so many years. Pushing the school schedule back would not only affect the students, but everything around them and other schools as well. Some students pointed out that sporting events and meets would become much more complicated because some schools may not have the same schedule as ours. It would force the schools to make the events at inconvenient times and possibly cause more agitation from the parents. After school clubs would run past 4pm, around where people start coming home from work and cause traffic jams.

As an AP student however, I can see why people want extra time in the mornings. Some teachers assigned homework that is due on Canvas at 8am. This would mean that the unfortunate students, who have a lot of other homework, would have to stay up until ungodly hours of the night if they wanted to be able to get to school in time and beat the deadline.  Some students who balance sports and high academic classes may not be able to sleep for the recommended hours for a teen with our current schedule. I think this would be a plausible reason to push back school ,but procrastinating on homework because of social media is not. If the real cause of lack of sleep is social media, it is the student that should change, not the school.


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