APUSH me off a cliff

When I was younger, I would always look up at my older cousins who were studying their butts off, trying to make it through high school. They would disregard their meals and only go on breaks when absolutely necessary. At that time, I always thought “why do you guys study so much for a useless subject?” They would then reply, “To be successful, of course”.  I don’t think that I truly understood until now. As I stare at my APUSH notes, set to be due at 8 am, I could feel the desperation that they must’ve felt when they were a junior. It’s not that they loved to study I realize now. It’s the expectations of good grades or success  from their parents, their friends, and the world that’s gluing them to their seat until the report is finished or the math homework is done. We are trained to believe ,since childhood, that good grades and doing well in school was the direct link to success. However, I do not find this true. One’s success in my opinion depends on the skills they pick up as they fail time time and time again. Success is having to take detours a million times before making it the final destination. Success is not studying. Success is learning.


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