Why Do I Write?

I write because I simply don’t know. I write because I want to keep these short and fleeting moments in life, like fireflies in a jar. I write because my words on a piece of paper are stronger and braver than I can ever be. I write to to feel. I write to change my outlook on the mundane routine of life. I write to see my mom’s lips curve up when she remembers the memories that I had embedded into a story. I write to keep a record of my progress and improvement, something one can only get a glimpse of once in a blue moon. I write because if I’m not happy, at least I can make others feel happy. I  write to express my beliefs and opinions that are suppressed in a culture where women are seen to not have the same credibility as men. I write to keep order in a world run by chaos. I write to focus. I write to breathe. I write because it’s what I need.


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