I was looking through my Spanish book to get ahead on some of the lessons. I know, I’m a language nerd. However, I came across the thought on how much I hate learning new vocab words. It’s not the vocab words that I hate. It’s the amount of time I have to set aside and the repetitive motion of writing words over and over, which adds to the pain already present in my fingers and wrists. Learning a new language is hard. That is a given. But sometimes, the worksheets that teachers give us to “practice” don’t do much simply because we’ve seen that problem countless of times and can do the work without much thinking. I actually enjoy speaking and learning Spanish immensely, but not through school means. Getting to know the culture, in my opinion, is just as imperative to retaining  the amount of words and speaking skills we gained in high school. I just wish there was a different was of learning new languages.


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