All my life I’ve been a vertically challenged person. With that came the constant battle between my parents and I on the topic of drinking milk. To say the least, I hate milk. I hate it like Protestants hated Catholics in the 18th century. I hate it like the North hated the South. I hate it like having school work on winter break.You get my point. Milk is the devil’s cup of tea….milk tea. However as I stared at this glass of milk ,with one part hatred and two parts boredom, I came to realize something. Why don’t we ever ask where milk actually comes from? We know it comes from cows. But, which one? Why don’t we buy our own cows and milk them ourselves the way we see it in movies? Did it suffer in producing this drink? The manufacturers. What do they do with baby cows? Who was the first person to even look at a cow and think ” I want some of that milk” ? (SQUID)



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